Where is Bageshwar Dham?

shreeram kushwaha
Jai Shri Ram, Jai Bageshwar Dham.

In today's blog, you will know where Bageshwar Dham is (bageshwar dham kahan hai) and how you will reach Bageshwar Dham. Everything will be told to you in detail.

बागेश्वर धाम कहां है? - Where is Bageshwar Dham?
bageshwar dham kahan hai
First of all, know that Bageshwar Dham is a Siddha Peeth Ashram. Where Hanuman ji, who is called Balaji Maharaj, is present. Also next to it is the Samadhi place of Sanyasi Baba. And many powers come together to remove all kinds of sorrows of the devotees who come here.

Now let us tell you where Bageshwar Dham is? (Where is Bageshwar Dham)

Bageshwar Dham is located in Gadha village near Ganj post office in Chhatarpur district under the state of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest railway station to Bageshwar Dham is Khajuraho Railway Station. No matter which state you live in, you can get down by train at Khajuraho railway station. And from there you will get many autos to go to Bageshwar Dham. Because many devotees from India and abroad come to Bageshwar Dham every day. So whenever you want to come here. You can come, you will not have any problem of living and eating here.
Here you get free food twice which is called Annapurna Bhandara. You will find plenty of houses near the temple for ₹50 to stay. In which you will get electricity arrangement, bathing arrangement, drinking water arrangement and sleeping arrangement, everything.

In brief, where is Bageshwar Dham? (Where is Bageshwar Dham?) Take a look.

Gram - Gadha
Post - Ganj
District – Chhatarpur
State – Madhya Pradesh
Nearest Railway Station – Khajuraho Railway Station